Internet Radio Shows have been the unsung backbone of our house music culture, giving a democratic voice to DJs from headliner to bedroom status from every corner of the globe.

Sean Dexter has been doing Bay Area Beatbox for over 4 years with passion and just as importantly: consistency. He’s been a great ambassador for the Bay Area, inviting guest DJs to participate and we felt it was time to highlight him in 5 Magazine:

Sean Dexter: The Bay Area Beatbox (2018 mix)

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So how long have you been doing Bay Area Beatbox and what exactly was the concept behind this particular show? Even though it’s called Bay Area you get DJs from everywhere, yes?

I started the show a little over 4 years ago. The show is on Pure Radio Holland and started as a one off show. Shortly after I started doing the show on a regular basis. At first I just did the show myself to build a following, then I added 60 minute guest mixes to start things off and then I play for 3 hours. The concept of Bay Area Beatbox is to give myself a platform to showcase my diverse music selection of edits and remixes, disco, house, techno, and acid.

For me house music is about the journey and the feeling you get when you are on the dancefloor getting down to different rhythms. Even though the station is over in Holland we are a family. They provide a platform for many DJs around the world. Shout out to Ricardo Pronk, Corinne Shtylla, Andy Zangs and Mart Moon.

I’ve had guests from All over the place from Europe and the States. I’ve had several from Chicago.

It was great seeing you and exchanging old Green Dolphin stories with you when I was there in SF! So are you originally a Chicago transplant? And what made you move out west?

I am not from Chicago. I lived there for a few years (though I was going to stay there forever because it’s awesome) and then got a job promotion and relocated to the Bay Area. I grew up in Philly, but have lived in New York, Seattle, Chicago, and The Bay Area. I also spent some time living in Vancouver BC Canada.

So what do you see are some of the differences between the House scenes in Chicago and the Bay Area?

You really can’t compare Chicago to anywhere else. There is a feeling and a love for this music everywhere in the city. Young people and old people love house music there and it is really different. I remember when I first moved to Chicago I went to Zentra and Craig Loftis was playing along with Terrence Parker and Frankie Knuckles. The dancefloor was packed. Everyone was dancing and yelling, and getting down. People were jacking. As someone who loves to dance it is an amazing thing when you’re on the floor with real househeads from the mecca.

The main club I went to was Smartbar. I lived near there so I could walk over and dance all night. The other party was Boom Boom Room at Green Dolphin. When that main room opened up it was on! You could literally go out every night and hear world class DJs spinning house music, it really impacted my sound. The vibe of the city is unique. Even though it was a short time I immersed myself in it and really learned a lot and met some amazing people.

Sean Dexter: The Bay Area Beatbox (2018 mix) Tracklisting

Sean Dexter intro MzAmerika
Prince – An Honest Man Sean Dexter’s floating vocals bootleg
Wherever You Go – Mike Delgado
Madji’k Forceful Rhythm (T’chida) (Mike Delgado Dub)
GRIMEY 009 A1) Nothing Like An Edit Mr Snippy
Marko Miltano iGood People (Director’s Cut Signature Mix)
Melba Moore My Heart Belongs To You (DJ Prom Instrumental Mix)
The Joi-fuhl Don’t You Worry (B’s Spen & Reelsoul Believe Dub)
Greenlab feat. Anthony Poteat Deeper Soul (Jamie Lewis Re-Styled Main Edit)
Burning Bridges Low Down (Original Mix)
Eli Escobar ANGR (Country Music)
Janet Jackson – What Have You Done For Me Lately? (Michael Rosa’s
Deserted Love Edit)
Sean Dexter Hottdawginit (Original Mix)
Affie Yusuf I’m Free
Richard les crees Spread Love Around
Eric Kupper Do It (Original Mix)
Cratebug Melondrop (Chicago Mix)
Sparkinzi Peter Frampton Feel Like We Do Bootleg
Blaze My Beat (Jay Frog Mix)
CEV’s – Old school flavo