It feels like Sebastien Leger was the rare artist who has become more selective about the quality of his releases since the onset of the digital age. “Lost Miracle” is the deep & dreamy title track for another black wax slab that has earned his imprimatur on the All Day I Dream label. The EP mix is more than 10 minutes long and it really doesn’t reach peak emotion until about 6 minutes in when the percussion drops out.

On the charts at least, “tech house” is increasingly being defined by its worst exemplars – as unfinished or swiped loops existing without much reason or rationale. This gives a lively example of the possibilities that too many producers never explore: a journey across time and space and a world of emotions that ends only in the locked groove of the runout.

Sebastien Leger: Lost Miracle (All Day I Dream)
1. Sebastien Leger: Lost Miracle (Original Version (10:03)
2. Sebastien Leger: Dida (Original Version) (8:48)


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