Broadcasters can now charge admission directly on Zoom

The new ticketed service is called, coincidentally, "OnZoom"...

Video networking giant Zoom has announced a new program which will allow users to host live, paid events – and they won’t even take a cut.

The new service, “OnZoom” is being described as “”a marketplace for immersive experiences”. The landing page acts now as a kind of search engine and discovery service for live events. Hosts will have access to tools for ticketing and charging admission to single and repeating events.

OnZoom marketplace image

This obviously has some interesting for the music industry and livestreams in general.

OnZoom hosts will need to be paid users of Zoom to take advantage of monetization and other tools (users don’t). Tickets can be charged via Paypal or credit card. Organizers can also hold events with donations going to non-profits instead. For the time being, Zoom is not taking a cut of ticket sales.

OnZoom is currently in beta and available only to hosts and users in the US. You can visit the beta marketplace right now where Zoom is listing paid events.