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Promoting a “train rave” on Chicago’s el train to the crowd that watches local morning TV news did not, it seems, lead to an outpouring of support or a surge of EDM awareness among the 65 to 80 demographic in Chicago. In fact, it seems to have gotten the whole thing shut down.

Yesterday we shared with you the story of Redline’s train rave, billed as Chicago’s first ever CTA rave, which was to have taken place this Saturday. Six cars were chartered, three of which would have DJs playing, each dedicated to house, techno and bass.

In a unique promotional strategy, the event by Redline — which was already sold out — was promoted by DJ Sock of Sock & Buskin during a personal appearance on “Daytime Chicago,” a chatty early morning news program on Chicago’s WGN TV.

The segment was kind of amazing. I honestly have never seen anything like that before.

Apparently someone at the Chicago Transit Authority is avid viewer of “Daytime Chicago” and was also quite amazed. By Wednesday afternoon, the “train rave” had been shut down.

The CTA “became aware of additional details of the proposed event,” including concerns about rider safety and the sale of event tickets, according to a statement originally reported by (of course) WGN. The CTA’s policy, according to the statement, allows “only for private, non-commercial” charters of train cars. Selling tickets would be a violation of that.

The CTA stated they became aware of these details “through the organizer’s promotion.”

The event, according to the CTA, is now canceled and will not take place. The terse, 100 word statement emphasizes that the event was “non-approved” and that “no formal agreement was entered into between the two parties.”

Early Friday morning, Redline posted a statement claiming the CTA had “unilaterally canceled” the event “despite months of planning and coordination.” Redline claimed they had worked with CTA management since November 2023, and had fully briefed the agency on all matters including their plan to sell tickets.

Redline says they are “exploring all options” with regard to ticketholders. “We are committed to bringing you the innovative experiences we promised, and are working to secure an alternate venue for June 15th.”

Photo by Danylo Istominov 🇺🇦 on Unsplash


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