Chicago CTA Rave on Daytime Chicago

Well you didn't expect this with your morning coffee

Update: The CTA has pulled the plug on Redline’s Train Rave, claiming to have been made aware of ticket sales and safety concerns when observing “the organizer’s promotion.” More on this story…

Morning news shows are mostly about the weather, traffic and adorable puppies but today they were about a rave — what is being billed as Chicago’s first ever CTA train rave, to take place this Saturday.

DJ Sock of Sock & Buskin appeared with the hosts on WGN’s morning news show Daytime Chicago on June 12 to promote Redline’s train rave, which chartered a chain of CTA cars on Saturday June 15 from 7pm to 11pm.

The event features one car each for techno, and bass and features JSTJR, KULA, Ron Carroll, Dogma, Skyler, Water Spirit, Deep Fake, Dani Deahl, Phives, Tynan and Sock & Buskin.

DJ Sock said the event was sold out; apparently it is actually two events departing from the Kimball Brown Line station, with the first ticket only good from 7 to 9 and the second from 9 to 11, from

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