DJ D2A Brian Rosin

Two months after he was charged in the homicide death of his wife, Brian Rosin has taken his own life. The Chicago DJ and producer was 35 years old.

Rosin was identified by Chicago police after they were called to a building in the 900 block of West Leland on Saturday morning. His body was found hanging from the back wooden deck of the building; the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office confirmed on Sunday that Rosin had died by suicide, according to CWB Chicago.

Rosin was charged in May for the death of his wife, Isabel, on April 29 2020. According to prosecutors, Brian and Isabel Rosin had taken psychedelic mushrooms together on the previous day. Rosin claimed that his wife had experienced a “schizophrenic episode” while under the influence and he had smothered her with two pillows as he was “worried her drug-induced screams would make his neighbors think he was abusing her,” according to a Chicago Sun-Times report from May 21, 2020.

Prosecutors said that Brian Rosin had been texting his wife throughout their trip, reprimanding her for “wasting” the trip and reminding her of her behavior before concluding “I am sorry.”

Isabel Rosin’s death was ruled a homicide by asphyxia and smothering according to the Cook County Medical Examiner and Brian Rosin was charged with murder. Rosin was booked in Cook County Jail on May 21 2020 and was outfitted with an electronic monitoring device awaiting trial.

Brian Rosin
Booking photo from Cook County Jail.

Isabel Rosin was 26 and a graduate of DePaul University, according to an obituary prepared by her family. In bond court, Brian Rosin’s defense attorney said the couple had been supported by Isabel’s income as a manager at a Lens Crafters, “but she lost her job during the coronavirus pandemic,” according to NBC Chicago. She had also organized a GoFundMe campaign to support Brian through undisclosed medical issues in late January.

Brian Rosin, 35, was a long-time DJ in Chicago’s electronic music scene. Under the alias “Hannibelectro,” he’d been a resident at Zentra. Under his most recent alias, D2A, Rosin had played at Primary, Spybar and Annex. He also released music under both aliases, though none in the previous year.

Brian Rosin had previously released lurid horror-themed artwork for singles with titles like “Disko Bloodbath” and a compilation featuring artwork from the “French new extremity” film Baise-moi and titled “Music For Murder Vol 1.”