billy mcfarland

Slowly but surely, the case of Billy McFarland – the once feted and fellated “millennial entrepreneur” and the mastermind of the disastrous Fyre Festival – winds to a conclusion.

Unfortunately, there are a few more chances for Billy to make a shambles of his already torched public image and earn a few more juicy New York Post headlines.

This time his lawyers are asking for leniency, claiming McFarland isn’t a scammer or a Patrick Bateman-like sociopath but that he has “a good heart” and suffered from “poor judgment and by untreated mental illness”:


McFarland, who pleaded guilty in two fraud cases after his 2017 music fest fell apart, is arguing that he deserves leniency when he’s sentenced on Oct. 11 because he suffers from untreated bipolar disorder and “severe alcohol abuse,” his lawyers told a Manhattan federal judge.


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McFarland faces 14 years for the Fyre Festival scam, which used Instagram “influencers” to hype up a festival that stranded well-heeled attendees on a Caribbean island.


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