There was nothing much we could do here but offer solidarity from abroad (which has been amply returned with our own Chicago problems.) And, apparently now, our sympathies.

After hours of waiting and hearings, the Islington Council in London has revoked Fabric Nightclub’s license. The decision comes after the club received bad press from drug-related incidents including two deaths.

Most local officials – including the Labour Party’s mayor of London Sadiq Khan – came out in favor of the club but the decision ultimately rested with the Council, which heard testimony from all sides including London police and Fabric management and friends – among them, Chicago’s Kate Simko:

The club has been closed since August 12. One councillor actually wondered aloud if restricting BPMs could be a cause attached to Fabric’s license:

Truly a gem for the ages, this tweet, and proof positive here that Cook County officials aren’t the only ones requiring emergency head-from-ass removal.


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