A long trailer from a new documentary, Back In The House, has surfaced on YouTube, featuring classic scenes of New York City nightlife circa the mid 1990s, including Body and Soul, the Tunnel and more. A couple of years ago, there were so many documentaries (most of ’em pretty generic, to be honest) that I used to preface posts with the acronym “YAHMD” for “Yet Another House Music Documentary”. This one, however, seems to be different:

This long trailer filled with classic footage was posted (presumably) by Farid Slimani, and while it seems to be “YAHMD”, it also seems to be his story, with a personal slant that was lacking from most other House docs. From his website, I followed it to a closed facebook page which has this description:


I was aged of 19years at this time and i came to NYC regarding a small trip of 10days which i decided to make a movie, half pro, half amateur, then i wrote a scenario/synopsis and the story started…i kept all video in my room and now 15years later i am decided to finalize this project…a movie.


So that explains the emphasis on the ’90s New York scene. I have to say, the footage looks fantastic: it’s pretty difficult to wrap your arms around House Music, but it certainly looks like he’s done it. It also seems to keep with this wisdom from Chip E, which he told me in an interview nearly five years ago:


When we started doing House Music, myself and other people, it wasn’t just a way to make money. We wanted people to embrace it, and realize that they could make music too. Everyone has it inside of them if they want to. I’m starting to see that in the video industry. You’re seeing a lot more people come out to parties with cameras. We’re hoping that they’re not just going to be documenting the House scene, because it can only be documented so many times, but there’s so much out there that needs to be documented organically. We need to stop waiting for the BBC or for Channel 7 to come in with their crews. The technology is here. Even if it’s just a pen and a paper, you can come in and write the story.


I’ve sent an email out to Farid to see if we can chat about it and hopefully we’ll have more if he replies in the affirmative.