Welcome to 5 Mag’s Off The Record podcast. Each episode hostess and 5 Mag editor-in-chief Czarina Mirani/Czboogie talks to DJs, producers, club owners and influential figures in the music business.

Nate Manic’s contributions to the Midwest dance scene have been plentiful, from production work to his own label Bad Advice Inc. to DJing all over the city and beyond. But Nate is probably most known for his tenure as Smartbar’s music director and talent buyer from 2009-2013.

A lot has changed since then, with Nate picking up and moving to start anew in San Francisco. While he was in Chicago for the weekend to gig and visit old haunts, Czarina Mirani caught up with our friend to talk shop: topics such as how he got the Smartbar gig, his contributions to the club, what it takes to be booked at a major venue, the challenges he faced, the reason he gave up his coveted job and so much more.

Off The Record Podcast Ep 2 with Nate Manic & Czboogie

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Nate’s start in Madison, interviewing for the job 2x at Smartbar, his responsibilities, how the club changed from not just locals to bigger acts, picking lineups, how Queen came about and the struggle to get it going, Frankie Knuckles playing at the club, the perks of being a talent buyer, DJ gig trades, personal issues while working there, how he quit Smartbar, moving out to Oakland, working for Joe Shanahan, his advice on how to get booked at a major club…

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