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Seven Davis, Jr: “This is absolutely me now & me going forward”

Seven Unfiltered: 5 Mag's cover story with one of the most talented people we've ever met: Seven Davis Jr.
Chicago photo

Has Chicago had enough of private festivals in public parks?

Riot Fest's contentious relationship with residents around Douglass Park has put a spotlight on the privatization of Chicago's neighborhood green spaces, locking out local residents by for-profit festivals.

NYC House: Louie Vega on the making of Expansions in the NYC

Described as a love letter to New York, Louie Vega's Expansions in the NYC was made with the intent to "pass on some history and hold a space for the new."

5 BIG Reasons To Go To 51st State Festival

Set it off: Coming Saturday August 3, 2019 in London’s Trent Park, 51st State Festival features a staggering list of 100+ DJs and performers.

Heatwave: The Band That Wouldn’t Die

A Stabbing, a Car Accident, Paralysis, a Coma: Nothing Could Stop the Heatwave - the Pre-Eminent Multi-Ethnic Band of the Funk, Boogie and Disco...