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Private equity seeks a stake in ticketing outfit DICE, Boiler Room

Bloomberg reports that investors are seeking to cash out of the company at a valuation of hundreds of millions of dollars.

US Government files suit to break up Live Nation as an illegal monopoly

It's finally happening: Live Nation and Ticketmaster control at least 80% of ticketing at major concert events, the lawsuit by the Department of Justice and nearly 30 states alleges.

How Ticketmaster hacked a rival and mostly got away with it

CrowdSurge had a nice business helping artists sell pre-sale concert tickets. Then Ticketmaster took an interest in them. This is the story, told through court documents, of how the ticketing monopoly measured up, infiltrated and destroyed a rival.

Fallout: Live Nation & Travis Scott settle claims over AstroWorld deaths

Axel Acosta was 21 and Brianna Rodriguez was 16 when they were killed in the mayhem of Houston's AstroWorld festival.


How Live Nation affiliated-companies got into pandemic funds intended for independent venues.

Don’t look for that “postponed” show refund from Ticketmaster anytime soon

One of the lawsuits seeking refunds from Ticketmaster & Live Nation over shows "postponed" by coronavirus has been pushed to arbitration.

Three Deaths at Hard Summer Festival in LA

San Bernardino County Sheriff confirms the death of two women and one man at the Fontana, California Live Nation faux rave.