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Four cylinders of sweaty funk’n’jazz on Thierry Tomas’ Tomat EP

This record is so good that record producers are going to hate Thierry Tomas and still make him a bit of coin when they buy two copies of it. Tomat is an album of jazz, funk, smoky lounge and hazy afterparty music, tied together under the theme of "rethinking the soundtracks of Soviet cinema and Polish jazz of the second half of the 20th century."

MOVE: Inside the new 5 Mag

Coflo on the cover, Alland Byallo in the studio, Phil Strand and Jeff Mills at the cinema and more inside 5 Mag Issue 206 out now.


VIVA ACID presents DJ Hyperactive / 1995 mixtape (RARE)

VIVA ACID presents this never-before-heard mixtape from Midwest Techno legend DJ Hyperactive, circa 1995. This mix captures a pivotal moment and time period in the evolution of Midwest rave caught on tape. Unearthed directly from the VBNTS archive by VIVA ACID's Luis Baro.