Chicago House Music Events Calendar

Last week we added 44 and today we added 58 more new events to our Chicago House Music calendar, which despite its name tries to be as ecumenical as possible to listing as many underground and underground-adjacent electronic music events as possible.

Absolutely floored at how many amazing parties are going on in this town this summer, from outdoor fests that feature house music and techno to Chicago neighborhood street fests, locations to be announced or Chicago’s rightly internationally acclaimed clubs. Any space in Chicago where you can fit a DJ and a speaker seems to have both. Paul Johnson looks down on our calendar and though he was hard to please, I think he would be pleased.

We have an awesome staff that tracks a lot of stuff down, but your contributions are always welcome. If you’re not familiar with 5 Mag: we don’t sell tickets (though we’ll link to where they can buy it), we don’t charge a fee, we list all events for free. Pop a flyer in an email or upload it via our form here.