Peter Schumann House Magic album art

Dope tracks from Kater Blau resident DJ Peter Schumann and record label Sound of Berlin. “House Magic” is more esoteric than hocus pocus hand tricks, built around a centrifuge of swirling synths, a bubbling organ riff and steady, crispy percussion that steadies the spine.

Schumann’s track was the first Google Search hit for “Dapé” and Google Translate spits out that it is French for “dapped,” so that’s helpful. Whatever it means, the second track on the release features David Dorad on a hunk of techy stuff, one for the drum lovers. Both tracks are exceptionally well-produced, like they were made in the vacuum whiteout of a semiconductor clean room.

Peter Schumann: Deeper Conversations: Sound of Berlin (October 21 2022 / Digital)
1. Peter Schumann: House Magic (8:01)
2. Peter Schumann: Dapé (6:43)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.


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