I always fear stepping too far in telling the people who made a record what it’s really supposed to mean, but I’ve thought that Aathee Records‘ best releases have been characterized by a spiritual, sometimes mystical air.

That is definitely a trait for the lead tracks on Year Two, a V/A artist compilation and Aathee’s 21st release. These 13 tracks can mostly be listened to straight through rather than picked through for DJ use, though DJs will find some deep set gems here too. Shapers leads off with the profoundly emotional “Tierra,” leading into the uptempo, almost Aphexian “Gesture.” Hopscotch’s “Stride,” the druggy deep house of Hootie’s “Minion” and Khil’s “Atra” are other personal highlights.

Some of the Aathee crew will be playing at Recess, a Thursday night soiree at Smartbar on Thursday February 21 2019 with Leesh, Josh Naster, Hootie and Hopscotch. The event is free.

V/A – Year Two / Aathee
1. Tierra – Shapers
2. Gesture – Raff Track
3. Hati Hati – Aathee
4. Ferrer – Jack Roy
5. Routine -Misepare
6. Stride – Hopscotch
7. Floating – Seb
8. 4bit Hi – Housework
9. Minion – Hootie
10. The Get Down – Happyghost
11. Atra – Khil
12. Pumpkins – P!nk Panther And Hotwire
13. Sophia – Deecoy



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