ant larock

Ant LaRock made a splash with one of the best 5 Mag Mixes we’ve had the pleasure of publishing this year. Doing my homework I’ve found that Ant is one of the most dynamic producers I’ve come across – those are probably empty words to a lot of people who might not mean them, but I do and anyone who has watched as he’s guided a series of tracks often made with or released by some of the single name legends in this business may have noticed that he hasn’t made a single wrong step along the way.

“The Question” is the type of track that few in this rather closed off and claustrophobic part of the scene are making. Namely: it’s an actual song, it stands alone as a song, and independent of what records you can mix into it with, it can be enjoyed entirely on that level. That’s no low bar to meet, unless you somehow think the world has ever had an overabundance of great songs. Smart money says no, and “The Question” is one of them, featuring Zhao’s smooth delivery and FX from the kind of afterhours that people like me don’t get invited to.

Given that this is released on Dopewax, though, rest assured that a significant amount of thought has been put into how it plays on the dancefloor. Aside from the radio edit there’s a rapturous sort of romp with Ant’s Nightlife mixes.

If you’re looking for heat, ignore the same 12 names that seem to appear at the token “underground stage” at every festival in the world right now. Nobody gives a shit about that except their mom and their booking agents. The heat is right here.

Ant LaRock featuring Zhao: The Question (Dopewax)

1. Ant LaRock Featuring Zhao: The Question (Main Mix) (6:26)
2. Ant LaRock Featuring Zhao: The Question (Main Radio Edit) (3:56)
3. Ant LaRock Featuring Zhao: The Question (Main Mix Instrumental) (6:24)
4. Ant LaRock Featuring Zhao: The Question (Ant’s Nightlife Mix) (6:33)
5. Ant LaRock Featuring Zhao: The Question (Ant’s Nightlife Dub) (6:33)
6. Ant LaRock Featuring Zhao: The Question (Ant’s Nightlife Instrumental) (6:18)

First published in 5 Magazine #150 featuring Brian Tappert, Marc Pomeroy and the Making of Traxsource, DJ Three and Hallucienda, Kiko Navarro, Richard Earnshaw and Lee Bright, the decline & fall of SoundCloud, the House Music Canon & more. Become a member of 5 Magazine for First & Full Access to Real House Music for only $2 per month.