Atnarko: Violent Sky (Dance:Revolt)

It’s pretty crass to say that what makes a track stand out from the pack is that it’s about something, but it’s true, and so is the implication that most have nothing to say. (Though perhaps we should count our blessings, because sometimes it’s embarrassing when they do…)

Atnarko’s tracks do always seem to be about something, even when the meaning is opaque or difficult to tease out. Of course they also work on the level of pure club fodder, so you don’t really have to be skunking for enlightenment through six and a half minute dance tracks to enjoy them, but I think it helps. The emotional heights of “Violent Sky” simply surpass anything he’s done before, and that’s a pretty high level. It’s a kind of deep & lush swamp boogie, a touch of disco and the glimmer of tech at the top. And (for once) I have nothing but positive things to say about the remixes. The Lomez Lost Society Mix is key: at 118 bpms, it’s not especially slower than any of the others but seems like it. With a fat organ and dubby feel, Rey Aguilar’s remix is more peak hour, and Three Piece Suit throws in some breaks without descending into tedious lounge fodder.