chris luzz scandalous

New York has always been known for it’s “dog-eat-dog” way of doing business. I suppose in many ways, that’s what makes New York the place it is. However, in the music world that mentality has often made the city a tough place for artists to find a place to call home. With every man for himself, who has time for making small talk or listening to someone’s demo?!

Thankfully, that changed when Good Company Records launched back in 2013. By placing their focus strictly on releasing music from homegrown producers, it’s become a treasure trove of excellent music from some of the Gotham city’s most overlooked and under-booked artists, and there is no doubt that Chris Luzz certainly falls into that unfortunate category, despite an impressive discography and over a decade of releases.

For artists such as Luzz, GCR happily accepts and releases his music; and let’s be honest: why the hell wouldn’t they? Especially with finely crafted and highly detailed cuts such as “Scandalous” on the menu, it’s a wonder why more established and defined labels aren’t banging the poor guy’s door down. Luzz masterfully layers sounds with the precision of a surgeon, giving each element a home in the mix, while the consistently shifting myriad of synths and chords leave you in a daze.

Kaled (one half of the duo Cosmic Cowboys) turns in a remix of “A Seed”, delivering a rendition which keeps the original’s fairly simple 303-type progression, beefs things up on the low-end. The LFO envelopes up in order to build tension to a building point, before unleashing a flurry of shimmering keys, pads and violin during the break, which takes the entire EP on an unanticipated yet well appreciated journey.

Chris Luzz: Scandalous EP (Good Company Records)
1. Chris Luzz: Scandelous (Original Mix) (6:53)
2. Chris Luzz: A Seed (Original Mix) (7:55)
3. Chris Luzz: A Seed (Kaled Remix) (7:07)

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