Chuck Love: Bring Enough to Spill Some

Chuck Love came through Zentra in May, though I wasn’t able to attend the show. This dual CD set arrived in the mail a week later and I’m kicking myself now for not making it. Disc One is a funky journey through all of Love’s hits, starting off with “Long Way Down,” continuing through the title track and “Back in My Love” (featuring fourfeet on vocals) and “Spread the Love” (featuring vocalist DeMonica). Disc Two mixes it up. There are plenty of Chuck’s tunes here, including “Funky Ass Beat/Still Funky” to lead it off and “Giveitupsista” but also includes tracks by DJ Fluid presents Omega (“Keep On,” Chuck Love Top Coast Mix) and Andy Caldwell’s “Warrior” (Chuck Love’s Bangers and Mash Mix). On the whole, as a lot of these are Om tracks, you’ll probably like this even if you’re in the (very small) minority that hasn’t heard of this mysteriously funky Brit but like what’s coming to be known as the “Om sound.”