Hypocritical stars are calling out the EDM apocalypse and claiming all new dance music is a bummer. Is it true? Maybe if you live in a freakin’ bubble. The underground is chugging along just fine for those willing to dig, or at least check out a reputable magazine that doesn’t regurgitate twitter beefs. Case in point: a record that is the exact OPPOSITE of a bummer comes from Brooklyn label Let’s Play House and is appropriately titled Reality on the Horizon. Coincidence?

The reality is that Cosmic Kids and Fingerpaint have put together a plethora of different vibes here, none of them lacking. “Whisper Softly” is described as the closest you’ll get to the house version of a 90s R&B ballad of TLC proportions. All I know is 100 BPM never got me so damn hyped and it’s all because of the wonderfully constructed breakdowns here. Punchy spacey keys are also never a hard sell for me.

“Manteiga” is a collaboration between the two artists on this release and it’s about as feel good as you can get. It’s ironic you can’t buy this track on Stompy because that’s just what I want to do when I hear it: stomp and maybe even find a girl to do-si-doe with. Cosmic Kids really do take it to outer space on “Higgs Boson”. It may be deep and heady, but it won’t kill the dancefloor.

Maybe the EDM apocalypse is on the horizon when you have Beatport making up new genres like Glo-FI and Melancholic House. Can someone just open an online shop and call it Good Fucking Music already? I bet people would shop there. Well, if there was a real melancholic house genre I suppose “Change Yr Mind” would fit because it is a somber one but still really interesting and surprising. You know what would be a REALLY interesting turn for the EDM apocalypse? A public burning of all the bullshit records out today! Except that kids today don’t own records. Oh well back to reality!