DJ M-Traxxx: “House Thunda”

The original mix of DJ M-Traxxx’s “House Thunda” is hard and simple as you might expect from a release [the third overall] on DJ Pierre’s label Afro Acid. It’s probably best considered a transitional tune in a harder set. The XXXtra Raw Vocal Mix Edit ups the tempo but is maybe a little too stuffed with effects – the tempo changes pretty dramatically and the build is definitely an attention-grabber but might tax a crowd’s patience as it takes awhile to work itself out.

Pierre’s Black Tech Mix by label head DJ Pierre climbs into the wires and breaks the song down to its basic electronic elements before building it back up with the 303. As a side note, this is probably the third track I’ve heard in the last month that in some way shows a little influence (intentional or not) from Grand High Priest. Given the gestation time between when a song is written and when it hits the shelves (or servers, I guess), it seems like now is about the time when the influence of Craig Loftis’ mega-hit on the dancefloor might be having some echoes on other producers.