PDG Discs is a sibling label to Inner Sunset, a San Francisco deep house imprint started in the mid-aughts that has developed quite the cult following. Just revealing this connection will have an effect on sales of this record too, so prepare to run for these as soon as your store gets them. March of the Mighty Club Heroes is from label owner Homero G. and the four tracks on this EP are in microcosm what all the DJs love so much about the music of Homero and Inner Sunset: they are unique, they are made to be played and the quality is off the charts.

“Rusty Robofriend” is instantly one of my favorite tracks of this year: upbeat and so, so well produced, I fell in love at first sight. Breakbeats are on tap across the EP and the quick vocal hit on “Triple Tab Fantasy” is another throwback to a more classic West Coast sound. I love the organs here too: sometimes they are stabs, sometimes just enough of a twinkling melody to seduce you. These tracks are precursors to legendary love affairs.

Homero G.: March Of The Mighty Club Heroes (PDG Discs / 12″ Vinyl / July 2022)
A1. Homero G.: “Red Planet” (Break mix) (5:38)
A2. Homero G.: “Rusty Robofriend” (5:33)
B1. Homero G.: “Triple Tab Fantasy” (5:02)
B2. Homero G.: “March Of The Mighty Club Heroes” (5:12)


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