Overjoy: Holiday

Dreamy electronic pop from the remarkable trio from Los Angeles.

Martin Hannett believed that a catchy hook, a solid backbeat and a breathy vocal was all you needed to sculpt a well-made pop song. Thirty years later, this remarkable trio from LA proves that his master blueprint still works. Released earlier this year, Overjoy’s Breakfast EP was a small miracle as these things go – big fat Housey organs that coupled with those beautiful dramamine vocals made for a truly unique sound. “Holiday” from the Anthem EP sounds like more conventional pop, at least until you get to a manic instrumental break when the usual rules of commercial songwriting get trampled underfoot. The production is electrifying: there are all kinds of subtle textures and tones that harmoniously blend together, nothing out of place yet nothing taken for granted. It comes from nowhere and gives you everything, deeper but somehow brighter than Overjoy’s previous tracks.

This is a free download; the full Anthem EP is out as of September 9, 2016.


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