A year ago I walked into a club. A year ago less five hours I walked out of that club enamored with what I’d heard. A Satin Jackets performance is one of the best kept secrets in modern dance music.

Panorama Pacifico, the debut Satin Jackets album, is not as good as the performance I saw that night but it is better than their breathtaking breakthrough shot “You Make Me Feel Good,” released a year and almost two million SoundCloud streams ago. The idea here was to work with artists in multiple cities as the Satin Jackets tour came through. Artists on the album include Scavenger Hunt (Satin Jackets remixed their “Kiss Me Clean”), IsaacO, Emma Brammer, Esser (“Shine On You”), Kids at Midnight and NTEIBINT.

The end result of all that is an album that varies in speed but not so much in tone: if you like one, you’ll like all of them (though the reverse is probably also true.)

Tim Bernhardt and Den Ishu are nothing if not consistent, and while the album does not carry across the live dynamic, there are sweet enough electro-pop jawbreakers here to keep you satisfied. Also something I appreciated: the singles “Shine On You” and “You Make Me Feel Good” are included in their original format.

Out: April 8 2016; Pre-Order here.


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