Snuff Trax Acid Trips 3 album art

Fucked up acid at a variety of tempos and a surprising array of moods on a four track V/A from Snuff Trax. This is the third and apparently final edition of the Acid Trips series — something they must have thought a lot about, considering the last one came out in 2016. Seriously, the Snuffers have released a ton of great tracks in their decade+ of existence, including records from Perseus Traxx, Italian duo Hard Ton, Paris Brightledge, New Digital Fidelity and Manny Cuevas aka DJ M-Traxxx. It’s a constant source of quality acid and the whacked out sounds of Acid Trips vol 3 provide this in abundance.

Larionov & St Theodore blend squelchy rude machines with wavy synths and icy voices on “Savage”. Halbert’s “Motoracid” is almost… new wave? It has a bassline that is almost pure pop in its origin, through corroded as fuck here, as if the mere presence of acid sent it on a degenerate and enervated path. That poppy bass gives “Motoracid” an undertone of cheerfulness which feels even more subversive.

Bocabeats grinds out the rare ghetto house acid banger with the racy and racing “2MuchBootyInMyHouse” and Boneless One makes the best 8 bit Atari acid anthem since Armando on the freaky “Feeling.”

Fun fact: while looking for the artwork for this record, Google offered me a timely reminder that “Help is available” and provided me with the phone number of a suicide and crisis lifeline:


⚪️ Acid Trips 3 Tracklisting

Larionov, St. Theodore, Halbert, Bocabeats, Boneless One: Acid Trips 3 (Snuff Trax / June 2024 / 12" Vinyl)
A1. Larionov, St. Theodore: Savage
A2. Halbert: Motoracid
B1. Bocabeats: 2MuchBootyInMyHouse
B2. Boneless One: Feeling

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.


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