Ghetto Falsetto is a romp through the sound and aesthetic of Italo Disco. The new album from Canadian/Italian DJ Bruno Belissimo (his second) dropped in May and has been sending reverberations through the underground with its modern take on ’80s spaghetti disco, grimy electro, Scandinavian space disco and ’70s giallo soundtrack music.

Stream the entire Ghetto Falsetto album on Spotify or embedded below.

As a teaser for the record, Bruno Belissimo put together this mixtape of Italo Space Disco exclusively for 5 Magazine, featuring handpicked selections from Lindstrom, Magic Mail, Riz Ortolani and of course Bruno himself. (Shout out for one of my favorite Italo tracks ever, Casco’s classic “Cybernetic Love.”)

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Bruno Belissimo – ITALA Tracklisting

Black Hole – Me and My Superfriends
André and Leslie – Stress
Riz Ortolani – The Fighter Centurion
Magic Mail – Magic Lover
IMS – Nonline
L.A. Messina – Daydream
Casco – Cybernetic Love
Patrick Cawley – Surfside Sex
Azoto – Anytime or Place
Bruno & The Yamaha People – FM Dance (Original Mix)
Dario Silver – Disco Delirio (Extended Version)
Jupiter Black – We Like Mororder (Divider Remix)
Cristalli Liquidi – Q.I.L.D.E.
Daniele Baldelli & Dj Rocca – Funkynoizer (Original Mix)
Lindstrøm – Tensions (Original Mix)
Jolly Mare – Nobody Cares
Bjorn Tørske – Disco Members
Bruno Belissimo – Tempi Moderni
Javiera Mena – Hasta La Verdad (Rebolledo Remix)
Dance Reaction – Shanks Mare Honey
Black Devil – Time Forgets The Timing
Tullio De Piscopo – Fastness

“The inspiration for the songs came from ideas or images that I had in my mind,” Bruno says of Ghetto Falsetto. “And then, just like the soundtrack of a film, I play the music I’d like to hear on these imaginary scenes. For example, in ‘Horror Tropical’ I imagined I was part of my favourite horror movie ‘Zombi 2’, and then made a track with this agenda in mind. ‘Boloña Balearica’ was curated during a very hot summer in Bologna last year and became the perfect background music for a sunset in Palma de Maiorca.”

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