Welcome to a special holiday edition of Inside the Greenroom, the 5 Magazine podcast with editor Czarina Mirani and this week’s special guest – 5 Mag contributing editor and the host of the old 5 Mag Radio Show, Mr. Rees Urban!

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Inside the Greenroom features a new episode every two weeks in which the staff, family & friends of 5 Magazine run down the issues of the day, music industry news, Chicago and Midwest events and happenings, our Editor’s Picks and more.

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Inside the Greenroom Episode #3: The Holiday Special Show Notes

Intro Track: OutKast: My Favorite Things (Speakerboxxx/The Love Below)

– Special guest (and former 5 Mag Radio Show cohost) Rees Urban

– Rees’ new Dance Mania All-Stars residency every Thursday at Primary (This week’s gig) (Dec 18 Traxmen Records Showcase)

– Rees’ history of the Dance Mania label

– 5 Mag’s December 2014 Issue is out now

– Golf Clap/Country Club Disco at the Grasshopper in Detroit

– Chicago loves Mark Farina

Gramaphone Records and the famous DJs that worked there

– Rees’ resume of record store jobs

Audio Clip: Mark Farina on record store culture vs. the digital experience from our December issue cover story

Kevin Starke and KStarke Records

– Why do records sound bad once you take them home?

– Rees gets fired

– Is the mystery bag at record stores worth it?

Editor’s picks
(a) Rees (“Shake That” by T. Williams)
(b) Cz (“I’ve Had Enough” by Frankie Knuckles, remixed by the Shapeshifters)

Rubb Sound System & Pair of Jacks

– Goodbyes

Outro Track: Christmas Time is Here (A Charlie Brown Christmas)

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