Ka§par is one of our favorite DJs and after camping on search queries in anticipation of catching his latest mix wherever it might pop up, we’re thrilled to present a cover mix from him for our own 5 Mag Issue 195.

This mix was dreamt up first but ultimately came last — our interview in this same issue was so interesting to put together that the mix almost became an afterthought. But it came out better than we could have imagined — leaping from genre to genre, with a common thread of swing & groove.

Ka§par was a resident DJ at Lisbon’s legendary Frágil — “the closest thing you could get to the perfect night club,” he says — from 1999 until it closed in 2012, from ages 16 to 29. “It was a really lucky break, I was a kid. I mixed like Jeff Mills and scratched like Roc Raida but had the maturity of a green banana. In hindsight I was lucky both for that opportunity and also that I hadn’t crashed and burnt by the time I was 30. I’m glad that I am, at least, wise enough now to recognize that.”

“I’ve always felt the best DJs are those out of the hype loops,” he says. “I was never a part of the beautiful people in that sense and thank fuck for that as most of these people’s music is bland and tastes like you’re eating cardboard.” Here is a DJ mix that doesn’t.

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