I’m stumped to find myself writing these words in 2016, but Even Furthur is back.


Milwaukee promoters Drop Bass Network has returned to the fray for the first time since 2003, and in association with David Prince and Communique have announced Even Furthur 2016, the latest installment of what many consider to be the Midwest’s original (and best) outdoor electronic music festival. The event will be taking place August 19 through August 22, 2016 in “Somewhere, Wisconson” (which can’t possibly be more remote than Hixton).

Talent is TBA and is almost always assumed to be extraordinary but without the usual list of names intended to hypnotize you out of your cash via eye fatigue. And to stoke the reunion vibe and pry some gnarly ravers out of their chairs where the scene was always better in ’95, Drop Bass has some discounted tickets if you’re 35 or older.

[Update: Even Furthur 2016 line-up released.]

Their site has been updated with a bunch of “coming soons” but there’s a sticky on the Facebook book event page which we’ll post below as well as summarize thusly:

  1. Talent: Even Further isn’t going to have 8 stages. They’ll have one stage, though “we only operate that stage at night and leave it to the DIY systems to shine during the day… We strongly believe in the energy of everyone together dancing in one place.”
  2. You probably shouldn’t be a dick about getting a timeslot, whoever you are.
  3. If you want to set up a DIY system, get in touch, they will probably be restricting invites.
  4. Vendors: maybe.


Full screed below:

We announced EF16 on Thursday and wanted to follow up and say WOW and THANK YOU!!! We haven’t done one of these in a long while and weren’t sure what to expect, so we kept our expectations reserved. Like the Midwest Hardcorps tends to do you destroyed it! Nearly 500 shares and 9k invites have put this event in front of A LOT of people…and that’s all because of YOU, no boosts, ads, or contests. Some people dubbed it Furthurbook with everyone’s newsfeed filling up with our video announcement and event invite. The best part was/is all the comments. They made us feel both great about the past and excited about the future. Let’s hope we keep this buzz going and come August 19-22 go all in. At the end of day together we’ll make EF96 wish EF16 never came along and stole its thunder.


There have been so many questions and comments. We hope to get to the comments in the coming week. As for questions we can handle most of them now.

1. Talent: Even Furthur has always been a one main stage event. We believe strongly in the energy of everyone together dancing in one place. We only operate that stage at night and leave it to the DIY systems to shine during the day. As it is the main stage is only about 21 timeslots. The good news for us is those were booked before announcing the event, which is also the bad news for everyone asking about playing. Sorry.

2. DIY sound systems: Over the years we’ve gone back and forth between inviting everyone and restricting invitations. The truth is the event is a lot better when we restrict it. Before we announced we had a plan in place for who we wanted to represent with 8 different DIYs. We’re sticking to that plan, but are looking at expanding it a bit given all the requests. However, it’s not going to change much and a lot of friends are going to get rejection emails. The bright side is you won’t have to babysit sound all weekend.

3. Theme camps: This is one thing we encourage and we’ve received some amazing requests. Generally we approve these, but want to hear what you have in mind so we reserve enough space for everyone. A good theme camp might also include some small sound, but that’s going to be up to our discretion. Email dropbass@dropbass.net with your ideas.

4. Vending: We’re not really looking for more food vendors, but merchandise and other vendors will be considered. We’ll get back to you about these later in June. Again, email dropbass@dropbass.net with what you have in mind.

5. Other ideas: Don’t send us a message on Facebook, email dropbass@dropbass.net


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