The Bootcamp

For the last five years I’ve had the honor of working out and DJing with one of the hardest working people I know: Don Myles. Not only a badass DJ, he’s also a man with tremendous heart and drive. Every month the fitness trainer holds a free bootcamp open to everyone (members and non-members alike) at an XSport gym combining various training methods and classes while DJs bang out House music. He’s had quite the roster of DJs blessing those decks whether it’s Stacy Kidd, Terry Hunter, XL and too many more to mention. And for a good solid hour you will get the workout of your life whether it’s with Zumba, a treadmill class, circuit training stations and jumprope to name but a few. There is never a dull moment at these bootcamps.

Feeding the Homeless

On top of the bootcamps, during one of them (usually around Thanksgiving), Don holds his annual drive to help Chicago’s homeless. The response is always nothing but overwhelming, with endless bags and boxes of donated clothes. Last year a group of about 10-15 of us volunteers went around with Don, divided into cars armed with clothes, food and coffee to go around and feed the homeless. There was a lot of trial and error initially, with a learning curve needed to find the best routes to distribute the food.

This year Don and his squad have honed it down to a science. Things he’s learned? It’s a lot harder to give away regular everyday clothes even to charities. Secondly, even with the lovely generosity of kind souls, sometimes people have a funny notion that old underwear and random knick knacks pulled from their drawers make for effective donations, which unfortunately they don’t.

So this year, there’s a streamlined more effectual plan in place: they are kindly asking for the following donations: hats, gloves, socks in a package, blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, women’s personal hygiene products (for that time of the month) as well toothpaste, toothbrushes and deodorant.

Don recalls one of the homeless almost bringing him to tears when he said, “you and your people always bring me a hot meal, and probably the only ones that do.” And to really put things in perspective, Don continues by saying, “Think about it: a typical night out with let’s say you and four friends might be $120 with a small tip… we can cook a full meal and feed 50 people off of 40 bucks. This also gives me, my friends and my family time to hang out and do some good for others.”

The Details

With all that in mind, the slated date for the bootcamp and donation drive will be Tuesday October 25th at the same Xsport at Chicago Ridge (it’s the biggest one in all of the city), with Kristi Williams doing Insanity, Bridget Kathleen with Hit the Floor, along with Stacy Kawa, Kevin, Kelly and Don Myles doing cross fit style workout stations. All fitness levels are welcome, from the utmost beginner to the seasoned pro. Czboogie and Don Myles will be rocking the tunes. The event will again be free and is slated to run from 6:30-7:30pm.

So come out, show your body some love and if you feel inclined to bring some donations you’ll have the list above. 😉


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