How much can a DJ who goes by “Eats Everything” talk about food? We tested those limits but managed to get a few words in about other matters with the UK-based DJ and recording artist, who is one of the 70+ DJs and artists performing at Spring Awakening June 12, 13 and 14 2015 in Chicago.


It’s a safe assumption you’re a foodie. What’s your favorite food?

I get asked this quite regularly and I have to say that it’s Beef Stroganoff. All about the rice’n’sauce.


How good are you in the kitchen & what’s your specialty?

I’m pretty good. I make a very mean Beef Stroganoff.


How much do you hate people asking you about food?

Haha, quite a lot but I made my bed so I had better lie in it really! Only have myself to blame for this stupid DJ name I gave myself.


How much of an impact has Dirtybird had on your bookings as well as attention from other labels?

In the early days the combination of Pets & Dirtybird was the making of me but nowadays I am standing on my own two feet completely whilst still being part of two amazing gangs.


You have a fun(ny)/comical/entertaining online personality per social media, how does that translate from your day to day life into your artist persona?

I’m exactly them same person from morning to night, don’t take myself or the job too seriously because it’s fun & the more fun you have the more fun life is.


Your production sound is very unique. What do you feel you do as a producer that sets you apart from others?

I don’t feel I do anything to be honest, I just do what I do & hope it turns out okay. I like making music and I enjoy seeing people dance to it. I am very fortunate to do it as a job but don’t really see myself as anything different to anyone else.


Who epitomizes House Music to you and why?

Derrick Carter epitomizes everything good about House Music for me. He is a larger than life character, doesn’t take anything too seriously, is an amazing producer and DJ and has stuck to his guns musically, right from the beginning. True legend.


Rumor is you’re good friends with Norman Cook, how did you guys meet & what’s your relationship like?

We just met on the “DJ circuit” so to speak but sadly “good friends” is probably stretching it a bit, purely for the fact that we haven’t spent a great deal of time together. Whenever we do we always have a great laugh together. He is a salt-of-the-earth type fellow who is in it for the right reasons. He is really amazing at what he does and I have the utmost respect for him in every sense.


What is your biggest pet peeve about other DJs?

The only things I don’t like are impoliteness in the changeover and grumpy looking fuckers. There are a few out there (won’t mention names) that are fucking rude when it comes to the changeover. With regard to the grumpy thing, I always think, “Come on mate, you are getting paid a large amount of money to do the thing of your (and most people in the crowd’s) dreams, cheer the fuck up!”


In this day & age what is the best way for a producer to set themselves apart from everyone else?

Make music that’s different from anyone else’s and keep at it. Don’t just make a rip off of whatever is the sound of now & think that’s it because you are fucked!

Eats Everything is appearing in Chicago at Spring Awakening, June 12, 13 & 14 at Soldier Field. Info at He’s a maestro of social media at,, &


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