DEL compiles a selection of dancefloor “beauties” and dancefloor “beasts” from the illustrious career of Frankie Knuckles for his Foundations series. Part one: The Beauties. The Beasts will follow next week.

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Frankie Knuckles Dancefloor Beauties

Tears (Classic Vocal)
Frankie Knuckles p/ Satoshi Tomiie ft Robert Owens (’89; #10 Dance chart) – It will bring you to joyful tears… especially with your own reflections of Frankie.


The Whistle Song (Sound Factory Mix)
Frankie Knuckles (’91; #1 Dance/#62 R&B/#67 Pop charts) – The unnamed OG was done by Eric Kupper. Most often mentioned in my industry poll, this is the perfect example of the power of a beautiful instrumental… in DANCE music.


Ain’t Nobody (Hallucino-genic Version)
Rufus ft Chaka Kahn – Hauntingly epic!


Change (Knuckles Mix)
Lisa Stansfield (’91; #1 Dance/#12 R&B/#27 Pop charts) – “The Whistle Song” plays an inspirational & executional role with this definitive “beauty.”


Hanging on a String (Contemplating) (Knuckles Club Mix)
Loose Ends (’85; #12 Dance/#1 R&B/#43 Pop charts) – Another example of a great song made more special by FK.


Keep On Movin’ (La Familia Danny Kryvit Edit)
Frankie Knuckles ft Nikki Richards (’01; #11 Dance chart) – Gorgeous with just that right touch of sparse Nikki vocals and a Latin-tinged vibe that won’t quit.


Rock With You (Frankie Knuckles Remix)
Michael Jackson – “Girl close your eyes… let that rhythm get into you…” No SERIOUSLY, let it “get into you” because you’ve never been rocked this way by Michael before Frankie blessed it!


Rain Falls (David’s 12″ Soakin Wet Mix)
Frankie Knuckles ft Lisa Michaelis (’91; #1 Dance chart) – You’ll BEG for rain if it “falls” like this! The “FK Original” mix is also magical.


It’s Hard Sometime (Factory Dub)
Frankie Knuckles ft Shelton Becton (’91; #10 Dance/#78 R&B charts) – Sexy house, NYC Factory-style!


Whatcha Gonna Do with My Lovin’ (Def Mix)
Inner City (’90; #8 Dance/#30 R&B/#76 Pop charts) – Stephanie Mills’ cover is lovingly updated.


Left To My Own Devices (Frankie Knuckles’ Royal Piano Version)
Pet Shop Boys (’89; #8 Dance chart) – Full royalty in the musicality!


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