From the walls to the palm of your hands: Beyond Heaven is a new book from Almighty & Insane, reprinting the lo-fi cut of house music party flyers from the Chicago underground of the 1980s.

Supplied by Mario Luna (but many are familiar to those who visited Kevin Starke’s record shop, Kstarke, over the years), the book showcases the pluggers for venues from Ron Hardy‘s Muzik Box to Lil Louis’ notorious events at the Hotel Intercontinental and an array of lesser-known events from the annals of Chicago House Music history:

Although by no means encyclopedic, this collection documents a variety of figures from Chicago’s emerging house scene: first generation “kings of house” alongside the WBMX Hot Mix 5 and other lesser-known DJs at a variety of venues. Also included in the mix are promoters, record stores, labels, and an assortment of party crews and dance groups who contributed to the growth and atmosphere of house music in Chicago. This book offers a taste of what many consider to be the best times of their lives, and for others acts as a gateway to one of greatest eras in the history of Chicago music.

Beyond Heaven is available for $20 from Almighty & Insane Books.