UFO Factory / UFO Bar Detroit

Detroit music and culture venue UFO Factory has avoided an anticipated closure this month, with a transfer to a new owner and new branding.

Roula David, owner of Detroit east side venue Spot Lite, will be taking over as owner of UFO Factory, according to a release. The new venue will go on a temporary hiatus before rebranding as UFO BAR, retaining the same staff. UFO BAR will continue hosting live events.

Previous owner Dion Fischer had announced UFO Factory’s imminent closure in an instagram post last week. The post stated that the owners would be “moving on to other projects” after getting out of the bar/restaurant industry.

“After fruitful discussions with Roula David,” the statement from the new ownership read, “a multi-year land contract was established to purchase the property and business, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition.”

The venue will be temporarily shutting down on June 15. Speaking to Duante Beddingfield for the Detroit Free Press, David stated that the sale was pending the transfer of UFO Factory’s liquor license. “They tell us anywhere from six to eight weeks, which will put (a reopening date) at mid July or the end of July.”

“So, you know, we will probably have a soft open once we get the license in hand, and then schedule a grand re-opening.”

Photo: UFO BAR.