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House Music is a Spiritual Thing: Inside 5 Mag #210

Sacred beats: Levon Vincent, DJ Disciple, Gehno Aviance aka One A and more inside the new issue of 5 Mag, house music from Chicago.

How Ticketmaster hacked a rival and mostly got away with it

CrowdSurge had a nice business helping artists sell pre-sale concert tickets. Then Ticketmaster took an interest in them. This is the story, told through court documents, of how the ticketing monopoly measured up, infiltrated and destroyed a rival.


How Live Nation affiliated-companies got into pandemic funds intended for independent venues.

Don’t look for that “postponed” show refund from Ticketmaster anytime soon

One of the lawsuits seeking refunds from Ticketmaster & Live Nation over shows "postponed" by coronavirus has been pushed to arbitration.


Premiere: Gratts presents Trackhead T – Empyrean Crossing

New black wax from our friend Gratts showcases a new alias and a raw, spectral and esoteric side of house on "Empyrean Crossing" from the Klub Romance EP.
Alinka 5 Mag cover story

The Cover Story: Alinka