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🔴 Levon Vincent: Sacred Geometry. According to its creator the story behind Levon Vincent’s latest album, Sacred Geometry, is not a complicated one. “2023 is about no narratives for me,” he says. “Just tracks. I am just making tracks for DJs.” 5 Mag spoke to Levon about the making of his latest record and all of the others.

🔴 The Cover Mix: One A. This issue’s cover mix from Gehno Aviance, a DJ and producer with, deep, deep roots in America’s electronic music scene.

🔴 Remembering Teri Bristol. Every city should have their own Teri Bristol. Chicago was lucky, and selfish, because kept her for ourselves.

🔴 Breaking Bandcamp. The music industry is reeling after a new owner takes over and fires 50% of staff. An inside look at three chaotic weeks that transformed music’s most beloved platform into a hollow shell.

🔴 The Beat The Scene The Sound. Harold Heath on DJ Disciple’s inside look at “The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of House Music in New York City.”

🔴 Gehno Aviance / One A: Behind The Beat. 5 Mag profiles Gehno Aviance, Spanish-Caribbean DJ and producer, witness and participant and non-stop stimulant in this scene (and several others) since they began DJing in 1992.

🔴 The Last Pirates. Other file sharing sites are turning out the lights but The Pirate Bay is celebrating 20 unlikely years of pissing on the industry.

🔴 The Great Un-Mooging. New owners outline their vision for Moog’s future as its founder oscillates in his grave.

🔴 Another Ticketmaster Competitor is on the Ropes. Even with a $10 billion parent company, See Tickets couldn’t compete against a monopoly.

🔴 Some Guy Built His Own LM-1 Drum Machine. Growing out of a love of the machine and the music made with it, Joe Britt’s Luma-1 will be produced in very limited copies to mirror Roger Linn’s original magic box.

🔴 Introducing Beatport Studio. The retailer bundles together sample and plug-in services for producers from their growing corporate portfolio.

🔴 The Least Boring Firmware Update Ever. Roland sneaks a new instrument in TR-8S and TR-6S software updates.

🔴 Music Reviews #210. The home for longform reviews in modern dance music, featuring records from Fred P (Syncrophone), Black Sjuan (Fresh Meat Records), Pittsburgh Track Authority, Brandon Markell Holmes and Shawn Rudiman (Pittsburgh Tracks), Session Victim (Night Time Stories), Cody Currie (Lucas Records), Norm Talley & Delano Smith (Upstairs Asylum), KiNK and Perc (Hypercolour), Hollden, R 417, Yoikol and Empath (Kuiper Noise), Mudd (Claremont 56), Crooked Man, Mass Density Human, Staccatoman (Citizens of Vice), Lea Lisa, Javonntte, Black Loops, and Dan Only (Selections).

🔴 In Rotation #210. New, old, back of the crate and front of the house tracks we can’t get enough of from Malik Hendricks (The Djoon Experience), Kai Alce (Short Attention Records), Jorge C and Javonntte (Ojo de Apolo), Planet Detroit (Nice’N’Ripe), Maxime Dangles (Lifeguards) and Leonard Part Sixx.



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  1. […] One A aka Gehno Aviance is a DJ and producer with deep, deep roots in America’s electronic music scene. Born in Spain, Gehno began DJing in 1992, earning recognition at raves and events including Ultraworld (Baltimore), Buzz (Washington DC) and played an instrumental role in the Snowball Collective, “orchestrating some of the most prominent underground events” in the DC area. Gehno transitioned to San Francisco in 1998, and more recently to the country of their birth, Spain. We’re delighted to spotlight this multifaceted and fascinating artist for this issue’s cover mix. […]

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