Jean-Phi Dary and Jeff Mills

Born of their earlier collaboration with the late legendary Afrobeat percussionist Tony Allen, The Paradox is a new project from Jeff Mills and French artist of Guyanese descent Jean-Phi Dary. Their debut double 12″ album, Counter Active, is out today.

The album marks the next release in a torrent of new material from the Axis family of labels, including full-length albums from DVS1, Rod 20 (Benny Rodrigues) and Echelon (Jeroen Search and several volumes of the “Millsart” Every Dog Has Its Day series.

The Paradox project is wonderfully indefinable, with a common element of jazz twisted and reshaped until it’s almost unrecognizable. The Paradox was born in a belief that an “uncompromising freedom and the manifestation of new ideas allowed them to reach a higher level of spiritual consciousness within their work. Recorded in real-time; these compositions reflect captured spontaneous actions which concede honesty and truth.”

Here is a video to introduce the project:

The Paradox’s Counter Active is out today on Axis Records on double 12″ vinyl or a digital download; order or listen to the full album here.


1. The Paradox: Super Solid (7:59)
2. The Paradox: The X Factor (6:45)
3. The Paradox: Residence (5:58)
4. The Paradox: Twilight (5:00)
5. The Paradox: Ultraviolet (7:36)
6. The Paradox: Residence (Alternate version) (8:09)


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Artist: The Paradox
Title: Counter Active
Label: Axis
CAT: AX096
Release Date: January 29, 2021


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