Silicon Prairie” is one of those terms that gets recycled endlessly because it evokes a very narrow concept but remains vague enough to apply to wildly different parts of the country, a term that reeks of retro, like “cyberspace,” but which is repeatedly picked up and worn like a second-hand suit by hyper real estate developers, shady city council boosters and industry trade advocates angling for deep tax breaks and zoning changes for their new intergalactic HQ.

But here Silicon Prairie gets recycled for a greater purpose. It’s the title track of a stellar new EP from Lance Desardi, released on wax this week from quirky French imprint We Will Always Be A Love Song.

This is one of those rare records that feature four tracks you can plug into a set right out of the box, four tracks that sound like they could have been played on a worn-out mixtape you bought from a kid with a pink mohawk and a herpes scar 15 years ago, four tracks that sound like they could provide the atmospheric meditation of a space age art installation where humanity will display the last known patch of prairie grass in existence. There’s a timeless vibe, is what I’m saying, I love music that kicks up an atmosphere of retrofuturism because retrofuturism will never go out of style, and “Towns Told Me So” is my favorite track on the EP for that.

Lance D‘s Silicon Prairie EP is out now on wax from We Will Always Be A Love Song. Listen to the rest of the EP here.

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Artist: Various
Title: “Towns Told Me So”, from Silicon Prairie EP
Label: We Will Always Be A Love Song
Release Date: Vinyl, May 16 2018