Paula Temple is publishing an unreleased track to raise funds for Ukraine and with her wife has agreed to match donations.

“Resist” is a track from Temple’s archives, published today on Bandcamp.

“My wife, Nicole, and I have decided to match your donations, up to 10 euros per purchase,” Temple wrote.

The funds will be sent to Gostomel Animal Shelter in Ukraine, “home for 700 animals” and now isolated by the Russian invasion and attempt to surround Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv.

Funds will be sent directly to Gostomel Animal Shelter, vouched for “by Ukrainian DJ Nastia, whom we trust.”

The shelter on its fundraising page linked by Temple says that all bridges between Kyiv and Gostomel have been taken out and raise the specter of being out of food for the animals “in 3 to 5 days.”

“As many funds are being raised by the electronic music scene for military and refugee support, which of course are vital, we also are thinking about a vulnerable group that is often forgotten, animals in shelters,” Temple wrote.

“Resist” is being offered using Bandcamp’s Name Your Own Price feature, with a minimum of €5.