The Derrick Carter and Chris Nazurka collaboration “Do My Thing” gets remixed by Mystic Bill, Hallo Halo, Your Only Friend and Nacho Marco.

There ain’t a human being on Planet Earth that can say they love Chicago-style late-’90s Deep House and doesn’t have several Cyclo records in their crate. If you’re starting out, put it on your wishlist, bookmark the discogs page and keep it stuck because Cyclo has one of the most luscious back catalogs you’ll ever find.

Examples? An example. Another example. If I have to explain why this is a primary document for the modern Chicago House sound, we should just start over at the word “Earth.”


Certain in-demand Cyclo records have been licensed or reissued over the last few years, but the re-release of Rednail Kidz’ “Do My Thing” is a different matter entirely. Made up of Derrick Carter and Chris Nazuka, Rednail Kidz dropped this track on what was probably the last great Chicago House compilation of the Millennium, Cyclo’s Revolutions: The New Testament From Chicago’s Underground.

The original was 9:28 and a few of the remixers in this handsome package have taken the liberty to do what they feel and draw their edits out. Remixers include Your Only Friend, Nacho Marco, Hallo Halo and Mystic Bill. The last two I want to really highlight here: this is Mystic Bill’s second mention here in as many weeks, and it’s well deserved. The Miami-by-way-of-Dallas-by-way-of-Chicago and House Preservationist delivers again, applying his arcane knowledge of ancient baseline technologies to funky new purposes. And Hallo Halo (Jonas Nilsson and Jon Dasilva) wrap it up with a seven minute grooving epic.


This bit of recent archeology and rehabilitation drops digitally on October 22 on JunoDownload and elsewhere.