I don’t know that there’s a more prestigious label out there now than Soulheaven, and they proudly stamp their name on this collaboration between their resident DJ Andy Ward and Estonian siren Sofia Rubina. “Streets of Sun” is simply one of the most electrifying releases to come down the pipe this year. Period. The Heavyweight Mix encapsulates everything that you look for in one of those classic summer releases – there’s one of ’em every summer, and only one, and this is it.

Clocking in at a juicy 10:00, this is a collaboration between Ward, Rubina and Phil Asher. The keys shimmer, the drums punch – what more can I say? And nearly as good as that is the DeepCitySoul mix. Not necessarily more up-tempo, the bouncy rhythm and sparse keys and organ will definitely make this one a winner on the dancefloors of the world. And not to get lost, the original mix has its own sort of charm, bouncing like a ping-pong ball between tech, disco and classic House sounds. Short take: this one is a must have for 2009, and deserves to be played long after this summer is over.