Audio Soul Project taps into a deep vein of Jungian or kundalini energy on “Feel So Good.” It’s the lead track of Archival 4, a record that plays around with notions of future shock vs nostalgia, new music that sounds like classics and the value we put into the fashionability of electronic music which should have at its core (more than some genres at least) some sense of timelessness.

“Feel So Good” was a wise selection for the lead track: built like a jazz band that’s just jamming, the elements roll out one at a time into a wickedly addictive, stomping tune. It’s pulling something out of the subconsciousness, like a shared vision or hallucination.

The b-side jam “Winding Days” fills this out with a mental Prescription-esque vibe, from the strings that hold their breath on a single note for an eternity to the stuttering vocal sample selected more for the noise it makes than what it means. This is everything that’s lovable about Chicago deep house music, purified and unrestrained.

Audio Soul Project: Archival 4 / Fresh Meat Records
1. Audio Soul Project: Feel So Good (06:43)
2. Audio Soul Project: Conjure Disco
3. Audio Soul Project: Winding Days



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