balearic 3

Rising with an operatic grandeur and descending into a whisper carried by the seas, Balearic 3 is the third installment in the Balearic label’s series of compilations rooted in the sunkissed sounds of their namesake.

It’s odd, but it seems the word “Ibiza” means something totally different to most members of the last three generations. To people around my parents’ age, it was a getaway from the gloom and grayness of rainy northern Europe. For people under 25, it’s where your favorite DJ says he goes for several weeks every summer.

And for those of us in the middle, it’s this: the Balearic Beat typified by bright, breezy guitars and music more likely to turn ballad than beatdown.

Balearic 3 features a number of exclusives – Tommy Awards “Sessions II – Untitled Track 1” remixed by the compiler, ex-resident at Ibiza’s Cafe Mambo and head of the label Jim Breese, and “Ride To The Moon” by The Madrigal. But perhaps the most pleasant part of this collection is the pleasure of letting it simply play out, lurching from highs to lows, from songs that address deadly serious matters of the heart to those that don’t take things too seriously at all. Balearic 3 is an adventure, in the way that DJ sets used to be and sometimes still are in the right moment, and one worth taking.


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Various: Balearic 3 (Balearic Records)
1. Cantoma: Abando
2. The Madrigal: Ride To The Moon
3. Fuga Ronto: Daydreams
4. Shy Layers: Black and White
5. Quinn Lamont Luke: Primavera
6. Zee Erf: Southern Freeez (Mudd’s Mix For Emma)
7. Hubbabubbaklubb: Mopedbart (Olefonken’s Autostrada Miks)
8. Penelope Antena: Tradewinds (Cobby Mix)
9. Maajo: Musa Paradisa
10. Hear & Now: Hirundo
11. Nancy Noise: Kaia
12. Tommy Awards: Sessions II — Untitled Track 1 (Balearic Remix)