Broadway & Wilson: Good Old Daze LP

Lydia’s take: “Don’t Fight Love” is this LP’s hidden gem, complete with horns, a gaggle of what I can only imagine are lovely ladies backin’ up with some “yeaaaahhhhh, yeaaaaah”s, and a bouncy, poppy groove all the way through. This track alone has me convinced me that I don’t live in a barren wasteland, devoid of any decently acceptable House Music in the sea of obnoxious club tracks. Even better, it’s the trio of “Sunny” remixes that makes this Farris Wheel offering shine. The Bump Mix is upbeat, soulfully jazzy, and with a dash of San Francisco sound on top of that. The Deep Mix has a more chill bassline but it sneaks out from under the other layers so it’s more noticeable. The Po!ntF!ve mix starts raw (that’s a good thing) but your ears get more of the vocal line – original artist Bobby Hebb would be damn proud. Add to the fact that any House-y track with the words “sun”, “sunshine” or a similar variation gets my panties in a bunch and you’ve got a winner!

Drop “Le Roi Cosmique de la Mode” when the floor’s full – the almost progressive bleep-boops will fit well (meaning: evenly sprinkled throughout), but save “Nachtmuzik” as the perfect serenade just before the sun comes up – its strings and twinkling are perfect for the spacey contemplation that hits everyone ’round that time. Whether it’s time to dance in the reflection of your refrigerator door, or witness the dancers drop to their knees at the club, this LP will cure what ails you.

Frankie’s take: Gene Farris wasn’t messing around when he grabbed this killer LP. Broadway & Wilson, made up of Chicago natives Andrew Emil and Jeff Bloom are veterans of the new jack scene having releases across many great labels over the years such as Om, Gallery, dotBleep, Seasons, Movim, and Four Play. This new 6 track LP is a testament to their many musical influences and experience over the years. To kick off the LP they give us “Don’t Fight Love”, which is great disco themed groove complete with a female chorus, funky horn stabs, and a great funky bass line that shakes some ass. Up next is the Po!ntf!ve remix of “Sunny” which is a really freshly unique choppy sample cut jam on an old school R’n’B joint that is so catchy that I can’t stop listening to it.

The LP goes down deep with “Nachtmusik” which is very chill jam that reminds me of romance movies from the 1980s complete with big snares, strings, and a piano line that would make John Cryer seem cool again. Turning it back up to 11 is B&W’s Bump mix of “Sunny”. This jack attack shout out to Chicago is slammin’ the salmon with a side of salami, complete with a bangin’ bologna bassline. Keeping things moving is the crusty “Le Roi Cosmique de la Mode”. This track pushes and pulls with some sticky chord stabs and a crusty feel, like wiping peanut butter across a burnt piece of toast with a knife. Finishing of this very eclectic and well produced LP is B&W’s deep mix of “Sunny” which is a nice moody take on the track incorporating a vocal over solid beats and spacey mood music. There is something for everyone in this release, and I highly recommend it as all the tunes stand on their own.

Review by Lydia Wrobel and Frankie J