CeCe Peniston: I’m Feelin’ U

Anyone that’s seen her live can tell you that CeCe Peniston’s voice is as good – and I’d say even better – than it was in the late 1980s, and this record proves that she’s still got it. This is an awesome track – an anthem that won’t be mothballed anytime soon. Ron Carroll’s Original BMC Vocal is stunning: just a beautifully produced song that rolls. If this isn’t on radio, radio is hopeless. This is better material, better produced and performed than anything I’ve heard on the dial in a long time.

The Fudge Main Remix drops the tempo a notch and pushes the track into deep funk mode. It’s got a whole different feel than the original, set for a totally different stage of your average club night, and is a keeper in its own right. The Subsonic Fudge Dub I haven’t quite figured out yet – it’s definitely unique and has some deep disco moments but might be a little too experimental for some DJs’ tastes.

The B Room Dub Mix is label head Brian Tappert’s contribution. This is solid, driving jack – high-hats kickin’ and an electro-style bassline. This isn’t any ordinary tracky bit, though. Giving the song his own twist, Tappert pushes the vocal and produces almost an entirely new song. All four mixes are good enough on their own for a purchase; together, they make this single an absolute steal.