We’re getting in on the ground floor with this one. The pandemic saw an inspiring number of people grabbing music production software, taking virtual classes and scouring message boards for tips on how to get the music in their head out into the world. The first rash of submissions from new artists have been mixed, as you’d expect.

But that’s not true of Ciara’s The End Is The Beginning. That is the appropriate title of the debut release by Ciara B, featuring two original tracks of mental techno primed for DJ sets and, if you’re lucky enough to see one these days, a dancefloor. I always encourage young producers to shop their music around before they jump into self-publishing,because an extra pair of ears cannot harm and can often improve one’s work when you’re fresh out of the box and into the world. Ciara took this approach and Techniche has put together a nice package for an outstanding debut work. Reverbed samples rock from one end of the room to the other as stainless steel kicks and booming bass clean up after it. “Mirage” is more mental still, a sinister track that gets deep under your skin down to the marrow.

Ciara B: The End Is The Beginning (Techniche / October 2020 / Digital)
1. Ciara B: The End is the Beginning (06:59)
2. Ciara B: Mirage (06:25)
3. Ciara B: Mirage (Myxzlplix Remyx) (06:05)



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