Copyright ft. Imaani: Nobody

Copyright has reached a certain level of notoriety that it’s hard to explain to people who ain’t there yet but would like to be. Together with a few other names – Dennis Ferrer is the most obvious one – everything they touch has the potential to be a classic. Doesn’t mean it is one, and yeah, that’s true of everyone, theoretically (a thousand monkeys working for a thousand hours on a thousand pirated copys of ProTools and all of that), but there’s a better than average chance that what they send to the pressing plant is gonna be the ammo for saturation bombing in the scene.

There’s a harder edge to their latest release, “Nobody”, than what you’d expect when you think of Copyright, but scratch the surface and the same soul of the UK production duo is still there. It takes some getting used to, to be sure, but with the polished sounds there’s a big fat 303 squatting in the middle that sets your feet right and maintains your balance. Copyright and Imaani have teamed up with solid results in the past – most notably on “Running Away”, “Time”, “Deeper”, and “I Pray” – and both mixes here are unapologetically made for the big room.

We have an interview with Copyright in our latest issue, and here’s a touch of what they had to say about their style:

The process of writing songs can be a long one, so I guess people just end up developing a sound without them! I mean in terms of the shift in music towards a more trackier sound – that’s been great for us, because it just means our sound is more unique these days.