Damon Wild’s first album since 2004’s sublime Downtown Worlds finds a home on Function’s Infrastructure label. An interesting side note and mea culpa: after I pointed out how Wild’s seminal Synewave label has felt a bit neglected, the label released three tracks in a row for a total of four in 2017 – a decent output for a vinyl label in the current era but a virtual resuscitation for Synewave. And really, that isn’t a slight: Synewave is at my fingertips whenever I want a certain sound: uptempo but melodic, aggressive but not a techno drill press pounding at the same tempo for an hour straight.

Cosmic Path eases into it with an intro of droid language followed by the shuffling beats and deep bass that Wild does so well. A science fiction (or just science) theme continues throughout with the Martian jazz of “Red” and “Distant Carrier,” the bright intensity of “Light” and the heavily massaged breakbeats of “Spacerace.” Wild utilizes most of his palette on Cosmic Path, a concept album in tone if not by design.

Damon Wild: Cosmic Path (Infrastructure)
A1. Damon Wild: Aquarius
A2. Damon Wild: Distant Carrier
A3. Damon Wild: Mars Lander
A4. Damon Wild: Red 2
A5. Damon Wild: Sparse
B1. Damon Wild: Star Point
B2. Damon Wild: Space Race
B3. Damon Wild: Light
B4. Damon Wild: Responder
B5. Damon Wild: Unstable Space
B6. Damon Wild: Fridays Orbit


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