Damon Wild & Epi Centrum: Produkt

Veteran producer Damon Wild reinvigorates the Synewave imprint on this tight collaboration with Epi Centrum.

It’s still a point of pride for producers to list “Synewave” in their credits, and it probably always will be. While some classic labels run themselves (and their rep) ragged chasing a contemporary cool they can never catch, Synewave has remained somehow sacred, one of the few labels who have a catalog you want to listen to back to front & back again.

Releases have become sparse over the last few years (Synewave’s Soundcloud was last touched 7 years ago, and their website redirects to something in German with a picture of a milkshake). Hopefully that changes with the release of Produkt, a new project of Synewave owner Damon Wild and Epi Centrum, aka Jurek Przezdzieck. I’m usually skeptical (and it’s usually wrong) to attribute an element of a collaboration to one or the other, but “Snatch” is just so Damon Wild circa 1996 that I gotta. Both of the A side tracks (“Clutch” and Snatch”) are phenomenal, a techno rooted in minimalism and muted understatement and seem to have been spliced out of the DNA of similar project files. “Clutch” gets shaken up in two remixes on the B side by Cisco Ferreira (The Advent) and Gotshell.


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Damon Wild & Epi Centrum: Produkt (Synewave)
A1. “Clutch”
A2. “Snatch”
B1. “Clutch” (Advent Diverse mix)
B2. “Clutch” (Gotshell mix)


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